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We help women of all ages and races feel naturally enhanced and beautiful, while spending less time doing their makeup, with the ease of our high definition cosmetic tattoo and lash enhancements.

Our job is to add confidence and convenience that ignites your own beauty inside and out. Brows frame the entire face and can life and brighten your eye area. If you want a subtle change to enhance what you have, or to create a bolder brow, we can give you the brows you love to wake up with everyday.

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Permanent Makeup – Brows

Microblading, Powder or Ombre Brows, and Cosmetic Tattoo Brows all refer to a semi-permanent tattooing procedure performed on the eyebrows to enhance their appearance. Also known as eyebrow micropigmentation, this method involves the application of pigment to the superficial layer of the skin to create the illusion of well-defined and natural-looking brows.

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Saline PMU Removal

Saline PMU removal utilizes a safe and gentle saline solution to effectively remove unwanted permanent makeup. By breaking down pigments, it helps clients achieve a clean canvas for fresh makeup applications.

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Haylee Anise

Owner • Licensed PMU Artist • Licensed Cosmetologist

Haylee is the founder and owner of Haylee Anise HD Brows X Beauty. She is a Licensed cosmetologist with over 10 years experience in the beauty industry and has been trained by world renowned master artists. She started her beauty career in 2019 and has a passion for enhancing her client’s eyebrows, eyelashes, and overall natural beauty.

Haylee’s love for beauty began with nails and makeup at 13 years old. She started off doing her own makeup, then for friends and family, and eventually started making videos and posting about makeup. This passion led her to obtain her cosmetology license at the age of 18 through her high school’s state-board licensed program.

After graduating college with a B.S in Marketing, earning a State-board license for Permanent Makeup, and gaining multiple certifications for Lash Extensions and PMU, Haylee prides herself on her attention to detail, safety, and health. Her extensive knowledge and dedication to ongoing education around beauty and esthetics, along with her warm customer service ensures every client or student has an amazing experience in her care. Now the owner of her own studio, Haylee’s passion for all things beauty continues to grow through everyone that enters her space.

Working under the training of World Renowned Artists, Paola Soto of Academy S and Tanny Diep of Beauty Angels Academy, Haylee is here to provide supernatural brows with her PMU artistry. Haylee’s love for brows skyrocketed during the 2014-2016 super sharp and defined brow trend, and she’s studied brows ever since. She believes brows are one of the most important features on a face. No matter the reason, many men and women have something they would change about their brows. Brows get thinner due to over waxing/tweezing, and with age, or medical conditions. At Haylee Anise HD Brows X Beauty the goal is to create natural looking brows that will enhance each client’s unique facial features and desires.

Brows should compliment the face, not take over your natural beauty. It’s common for brows to create a more youthful appearance and also take of tons of time during your daily makeup routine! If you want a subtle change to enhance what you have, or to create a bolder brow, Haylee will give you the brows you’ve always wanted!

Training History:

  • Cosmetology school through PWCS 2015 - 2017
  • Lash up, Brow Down Class with Micah in 2019
  • Jovanna Lash Class with Lashed by Nik in 2019
  • Guilty Beauty Artistry Class for Lash lifts in 2019
  • Synergy Beauty Academy with Paola Soto for 100 hour PMU Licensing in 2021
  • The Brow and Lash Studio with Amina Sadiq in 2021
  • Sway Brows Microblade & Shade class with Tanny Diep at end of 2021
  • Online Advanced Microblade & shade with Tanny in 2022
  • Powder Brows Class with Tanny in 2022
  • Online Saline Removal with Tanny in 2023
  • Lavish Nano Brow Course with Maya Moore in 2024
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Real Talk

Client Reviews

Shavonda White

Where do I begin!! I was beyond nervous when I entered the salon; lol. I have never had a tattoo, so I didn't know what to expect. Haylee was warm, friendly, professional and caring. The experience getting my combo brows was amazing. I had very minimal pain; I would say a 3/10. Today my confidence was boosted and I am so grateful that even after I left and had questions; Haylee responded to me. I would highly recommend her services and can't wait to return!! 🎉🎈💕 #highlysatisfiedcustomer

Christine H.

Called to inquire about this woman's work because I've seen her stuff on IG. I wasn't certain if I would or could actually get the enhancement, but when she took my call on a Sunday, which I was only calling to leave a message. This action alone made me actually decide to go in and see for myself. She gave me the free consultation on the phone, and I was instantly sold. Fast forward to my appointment two days after the consultation, on a rainy dreary day, she very warmly greeted me as I enter her posh place of business. The vibe was balanced, the tunes in the background was awesome, spa was very clean, she explained each step as she did when I first got my consultation. I was nervous I'm not gonna lie, but I began to quickly feel comfortable by her confidence. She got to work, and the end result was amazing. I'm completely happy, and I highly recommend. You won't be disappointed. This young lady is dope, and she loves what she does, and you'll love it too. Book her before she gets too busy. She's a hidden gem in the middle of the ocean. Ya girl's brows are snatched. Check image below and see for yourself.

Sharon Lee

Haylee, is extremely professional. She explain all her procedures in details. She's great at what she does. You will not go wrong in dealing with her. Great work and I'm so glad I used her service!!!

***Update - Haylee does excellent work. I went for my touch-up and the service was great! Following Haylee's instructions, you will NOT be disappointed with the outlook. I don't have to do anything to my eyebrows, they're the best I ever seen them. What an excellent service Haylee does. In fact you will look more beautiful with Haylee's service and products!! Please go to see her, it's well worth the visit and professional service!!!

Terri Fugh

Haylee was outstanding! She made me feel comfortable and she listened. She achieved the shape and color that I desired. If you are looking for someone who is down to earth and will give you the look you desire, HAYLEE is your girl!

Lauren Christian

I have been thinking about getting my eyebrows done for YEARS but I was extremely scared to get something permanent on my face. I constantly had to fill them in and was never confident without my eyebrow makeup. I can honestly say I have never been so grateful for an experience in my life! Haylee listened to me, understood I was nervous, and answered every question I had and walked me through the entire process. I am beyond grateful for the confidence her talent has given me and I would recommend her to anyone!! Can’t wait for my touch up and to see once they’re fully healed!

Jazzy N

I am obsessed with my new brows!😍Haylee did a great job and was very informative on microblading/shading. I highly recommend this service to anyone considering PMU.

Katie Overstreet

Haylee does awesome work! I got the ombré-combo on my eyebrows, which were getting lighter and thinner. She helped me pick out the right color, shape and thickness. She was professional and correctly estimated the time I’d be there. She gave me the aftercare info and my eyebrows turned out great! I went back six weeks later for the touch-up appointment and she consulted me on tweaks to the color and thickness. Now my brows look perfect! Highly recommend her services.

Carrie Tucker

This young lady is the bomb I had my eyebrows done about a week ago and I am in love what I had did a long time ago best experience ever the atmosphere was absolutely amazing she was so calm with me and understanding she knew how I felt next I'm going to get my eyelashes extended you will not be disappointed

Brow F.A.Q

What is Nano Brows, Microblading, and Powder Brows?

Nano Brows, is a form of cosmetic tattooing that creates the same hairstroke effect as microblading, but is done with the tattoo machine and nano fine needles to create the hairstrokes. This technique creates less trauma on the skin than traditional microblading and allows the artist the create depth and shading within each hairstroke for better precision. This technique is well suited for oily and ALL skin types, so if microblading isn’t suited for you try Nano Brows!

Microblading, is a form of cosmetic tattooing that uses a manual handheld tool, with 12-18 needles to create a blade, that gives the effect of natural brow hairs. Microblading is suitable for dry to normal skin types ONLY, microblading oily skin will cause hair strokes to heal blurry and oil in skin causes hair strokes to fade faster.

Powder Brows, also known as Ombre Brows, is a form of cosmetic tattooing that uses a digital tattoo machine or rotary pen to create shading and depth in the brows to give the effect of natural or bold brows that mimic makeup. It is also called Powder brows because of the powdery makeup-like finish that is achieved with healed results. Ombre Brows is suitable for ALL skin types, and retains color longer than microblading for oily skin clients.

Who is it for? How long does it last?

Cosmetic Tattooing is perfect for anyone that wants to spend less time doing their makeup, anyone that wants the ease of waking up with their makeup on, anyone that wants to correct unevenness in their brows or facial musculature, and anyone that wants amazing brows 24/7 without having to worry about sweat or water ruining them!

Nano Brows last 1-2 years, Microblading lasts 1-2 years and Powder Brows last 1-3 years. A 6-10 Week Touch Up is highly recommended to achieve the longest lasting results and to add any color after the initial healing process. Annual Touch Ups are recommended once natural fading happens over time.

Am I a good candidate?

Cosmetic Tattooing is still a type of tattoo, therefore, all clients must tell me of any and all medications or medical concerns, and must not have any restrictions or contraindications. Clients must agree to follow all pre-care guidelines to ensure their skin and body is ready for tattooing. Read “How do I prepare for my appointment?” to know what medications and lifestyle habits must be stopped prior to your appointment.

Under 18 years old, Pregnant or nursing, Allergies to topical anesthetics, Prone to keloids or hypertrophic scarring, Keratosis, facial psoriasis, Skin irritations, rashes, sunburn, moles, or eczema NEAR TREATED AREAS, Uncontrolled diabetes (doc note), Uncontrolled high blood pressure (doc note), Transmittable blood diseases  such as HIV or Hepatitis, Viral infections/diseases, Currently undergoing chemotherapy (doc note), Epilepsy or seizures, Blood clotting issues, Hemophilia, Pacemaker or major heart problems, Organ transplant, Accutane in the past year, Medications, treatments, or illness that compromises the immune system, Sick with cold, flu, or any covid-19 related illness, etc…, Glaucoma, Herpes virus

Does it hurt & is it safe?

While everyone’s pain tolerance is different, most rate cosmetic tattooing a 3/10 for discomfort or pain. Secondary Numbing agents are used during the process to reduce discomfort. There is minimal to no bleeding during the process and some people even fall asleep during their session.

How do I prepare before for my appointment?

Any open wounds, pimples, bruises, or any other skin irritations on the treatment area must be fully healed before the appointment, please contact us immediately if rescheduling is necessary due to this. Exfoliation products are welcome to use 1 week prior to appointment for the skin to take pigment easily during procedure. Please note that lifestyle and at-home products used may affect fading quicker for some.

How is shape and color determined?

Mapping the shape of the brows is one of the first steps of the cosmetic tattoo process and takes 30 minutes to an hour for us to achieve your desired look that will flatter your facial features and musculature.

The color of your brows is determined by your natural hair color and your skin’s undertone. PMU Artists must take your skin’s undertone into consideration to ensure your final results do not heal too cool or too warm. Color theory is a huge art of the Artist’s process.

Can I cover my old brow tattoo?

If you have had a previous eyebrow tattoo procedure done by a different artist, you must get approval before booking an appointment. If you book a correction service and fail to get approval, your appointment will be forfeited.
Please text 703-403-8441 with clear photos of your current eyebrows and your contact info for approval.

Correction services are a longer process to get satisfactory results. Only book if you are willing to work with me as correction services are a case-by-case service that vary based on the severity of pigment correction needed, previous scarring, and difficulty with pigment implantation/retention. Pricing may be increased due to these reasons.
I plan to learn saline removal techniques in the near future.

What do I do after my appointment?

You will be given an aftercare card and kit to properly care for your new brows.

One bad day of not doing aftercare will negatively affect your final results! Follow all aftercare instructions strictly for the best results with your cosmetic tattoo.

When will I need a touch up?

After 6-10 Weeks, the skin has fully healed and the color of the brows may have faded 30%-50%, which is natural. A 6-10 Week Touch Up is highly recommended to add any depth or darkness, and to correct any uneven color that occured from healing. If you do not think you need the 6-10 Week Touch Up, I offer a 3-11 Month Color Boost.

After about a year, brows tend to naturally fade 50% or more. An Annual Touch Up is recommended to refresh the brows and add any desired color or darkness.

How Do I Book?

All appointments can be made here on my booking site! I look forward to meeting you in person and hope you have a great rest of your week 💖